Velvet Glove
Velvet Glove

Celebrating A One Year Old

By Matthew Herzog


To better understand the first year of Velvet Glove, a friend bought me the book What To Expect When You're Expecting. She said it would provide vision into what happened and - like reading a horoscope - I’d find chapters to infer meaning and predictions to freak out about.

All true, so far.

The spectrum from success to failure (first smiles to colic) was uniformly experienced this year. Articles developed fairly comprehensible vowel sounds. And by month seven, it was easier to differentiate a potential review from a word vomit. Useful skill whether you’re a writer or a parent wearing chiffon.

To celebrate the year, VG will do what parents can not, take time to assess structure and add/remove strands of its DNA. Questions will be asked about how best to proceed, what are fundamentals too fundamental, and can it escape the digital form?

As this is done, VG welcomes readers to become involved. Have incites, thoughts, concerns? Send them this way. Want to expand your skills or know someone interested in doing so? Consider this an invitation.

2017 has not been an easy social, cultural, or political year. This project, amongst many that existed in Philadelphia, certainly bared the brunt of tough questions like the role of artwork, the responsibility of the artist, and where the Philadelphia scene is going. With another year fit to continue necessary conversations, it appears the more geneticists the better. The more we are critical of systems as much as ourselves, the more we are open to solutions and displaying incredible creativity.

To readers, Thank You. Your participation, your readership, has made a happy child. As VG looks itself over, know it is by your investment, that the project continues to develop.


All the best,

Matthew Herzog

Co-Founder and Editor of Velvet Glove