Velvet Glove
Velvet Glove

How to be a Prophet;

and other ill-timed tasks

By Matthew Herzog, Alex Conner and Christine Pfister


As if apprehension could plateau, an acute sedation has settled over the 319 Building. Conversations amongst those affected have remained internal while varying levels of respectful reporting has kept us in limbo. The interim is often more extreme than the end, supposing ends exist.

So, as our thumbs repose in our asses, we might as well wiggle them and make the best of a situation we waver to graze. In our city, a student of itself experiencing a mortal story play time and time again, the conversation over what we want has reared its existential head.

Velvet Glove strayed from the Encyclopedia Dramatica of ‘what if’ conversations to enter into personal scenarios, clever concepts and schemes. We asked people to be dreamers, to consider how we are building an artistic landscape not only for our spaces but our growth within them? What resources do we need? What are our communal intentions? In short, we asked where we are going? Maybe even, in what state will we be when we arrive?

Below are 2 examples by some of the most interesting minds in Philadelphia. Standing examples of what has been and what has just begun, Christine Pfister (Co-Owner and Director or Pentimenti Gallery) and Alex Conner (Co-Founder of Philly Stewards) provided visions of our future.

Velvet Glove would like to thank Alex and Christine for their imaginative if not all-together punch-drunk hallucinations of our future.


Response from Alex Conner titled:

January 7th, 2022

Response from Christine Pfister