Velvet Glove
Velvet Glove


319 Edition

Queen 3 brings'em out


Professional Flutist, (floutist? fluter? Flutter?) Anthony Bob @_mysound_ and a sweet dude whose name is gone to me now. I don't mean to leave you, sweet man!

I couldn't help myself. The eyebrows, that print scarf, those cigs. Artists Nola Boyle @melonballertotherescue, Virginia Price, and Anna Trieu @annatrieu_art

Apparently couldn't get enough of this Flutter... @_mysound_

Artists CJ Stahl @cj_stahl and Josias Figueirido at Josias' opening at Marginal Utility

Artists Lily Stone and Coco and I forgot you, you dear kneeling man who was an English Major (?). I'm a horrible journalista.

Artists and Members of @automat_collective, Sam Jones @sambernardjones, Steve Basil, Nadine Beauharnois @nadinebeauharnois, Jillian Schley @jillianschley, Marie Elaine Lamp @marieelainelamp, Morgan Hobbs @morganraquelhobbs & Lou Serna @lou_serna_

Yes, it was like satin. Artist Brandon Straus @brandon_straus

What's art without a swing? Artist Elana Mallov

Artists Lily Stone and Coco & Damn, I forgot the other names. Well, they know each other, right?

One day, I'll write sounds for each person instead of handles. Artists Autumn Veggimon @veggiemon, Jackie R. @catticfanatic, and Kevin Rose @doctakevorkian