Velvet Glove
Velvet Glove


August 2017


Warren Suss making it rain at Patrick Maguire's Benefit at the ICA

Patrick Maguire's Benefit at the ICA

Colleen Lawson, IG: @hokeyreligions, Thom Lesser & Snacks de Medeiros, IG: @snackeyes

The Amazing Maizzeah Tour visits Philly - trio of eclectic solo musical acts, bought together by friendship and the shared desire to support and amplify voices of people affected by transphobia and misogyny. Musicians Tuffy Red, The Ass, and Ardes Embrace 

Is it an audience if it was ten people brought together in a house to listen to music? Yes! Jone, Dane, Sea, Stephanie, and Brendon after The Amazing Maizzeah show.