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To Readers

By Matthew Herzog

Co-Founder and Editor of Velvet Glove

2017's Top Social Commentary Exhibitions in Philadelphia

Positioned between tough debate and even tougher outcomes, Philadelphia proved their artists are tenacious, resourceful, and formative.

Here are the top ten social commentary exhibitions of 2017.

Letter from the Editor: Cowboy Suit

By Matthew Herzog

Letter from the Editor

By Abby King

What We Talk About When We Talk About Site

Site + Situation, Kiefer + Rodin

Entering and Exiting Narratives

by Huewayne Watson
Velvet Glove's First Prize choice from 2017 New Art Writing Challenge

Interview with writer/artist

Huewayne Watson


Top 10 Events to see in December

In case of boredom, punch screen here.


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