Velvet Glove
Velvet Glove

Bottoms Up: You

By Matthew Herzog and Abby King


As part of an ongoing series, Bottoms Up - as much an interview as it is tolerance building - Velvet Glove decided to forgo spotlighting one local artist or musician for a look at them all. Abby and Matt took to First Friday with bourbon, free posters, and a recorder, asking our fair nightlife, ‘Wanna drink?’

This month’s session is You, Philadelphia. Though we may have come from very different places, (Bronx, Columbia, Wyoming, Boston) it’s clear we’re talking reasons to stay.


We asked three simple questions: 

Who are you?

What brought you here?

Where are we going?


After letting people interpret the questions as they wished, we divided our interviews into two sections, Matt and Abby’s.

Apparently, when interviewed by a white dude, gentrification is a hot topic. (No matter how hard he wears his combat boots and jean jacket) And, when interviewed by a white girl, representations of marginalized groups is the topic at hand. Hmm. Are we really surprised, though?

Abby's Interviews

Matthew's Interviews