Velvet Glove
Velvet Glove

Bottoms Up: Tralfamadore and Slime Time Live

By Abby King

Alongside hobbies like ruminations on contemporary art and snapping photos of feminist wheat pastes, I like to thrash my body at basement shows. Finding my way to a stranger’s house, handing over five bucks, spending the next few hours sweaty and devouring music - nothing but a dream come true. Normally, anywhere from 20 to 80 folks stuff into these small spaces, supporting bands from our fair Philly and around the country. They fulfill a quest for music, anchoring the way one can see a city and its community.  

Secret Nudist Friends. Photo courtesy of the musician.

With this in mind, I wanted to start a larger project on the underground music scene and speak with folks on the front lines. The first of whom are from two of my absolute favorite spots, Tralfamadore and Slime Time Live. Their spaces are hidden gems, community hubs for punk shows, planned parenthood fundraisers, and the cheapest city wide specials in the land. Maybe I started with them because we share the same South Philly hood, maybe it was because I’d been following their shows for the past few years, but really, I like to think these dudes are just that damn good.

A little after midnight, I got together with Dan and Chris from Slime Time Live and Matty representing Tralfamadore. (Matt Herzog joined too. Never one to miss a good conversation) Over hummus and beer we discussed the legality of DIY music venues, the neighborhoods in which they live, and the role DIY spaces play in a post Ghost Ship world.  

We broke the conversation down into bite sized topics depending upon your interest and time. Special shout out to the bands: Trash Boy, Secret Nudist Friends, Blushed and Manic Pixi.

We won’t tell you where to find them. We won’t tell you who they are. But if you’re keen on figuring it out, maybe I’ll be seeing you in a basement soon.

Photos left and right credited to Cheynsaw.