Velvet Glove
Velvet Glove

June Floor Sample

by Abby King

Even when we are on vacation, we can’t stay away. Below are some of my favorite exhibitions, art, and otherwise from this month. Enjoy.

  Sanctuary . Image by Abby King

Sanctuary. Image by Abby King

1. Toward Sanctuary

 Philadelphia Assembled.

June 17th - July 17th


One of the many reasons to love Philly is we are a sanctuary city. The series Toward Sanctuary,  calls into question what makes something a sanctuary with both a physical space to explore this and a powerhouse of programs surrounding it. You may have already seen their site specific work, their giant geodesic dome popped up in a public park. This gorgeous igloo is just one part of five “atmospheres” that Philadelphia Assembled is bringing to this city. Check out everything they are doing below.


Image courtesy of the artist.

2.  Patrick Maguire: A Mind In The Field Of Time

Marginal Utility

2 June – 16 July. Due to tragic fire at the 319 N 11th building it is longer up.


Maguire’s paintings are muted glimpses into abstracted landscapes. As Marginal Utilities’ press release states,  “Maguire creates different entryways to a world of mediation, rhythm and revenant images.  His paintings present an access to these muddled forms of architectural passages, mirages, landscapes, and gardens.”  If you're a painter I’d recommend you check out his work to  get slack jawed at Maguire’s art chops. Everyone else can go to get a moment of peace.


Willie Cole, With A Heart of Gold. Image from Arthur Ross Gallery.

3. Willie Cole: On Site

Arthur Ross Gallery

April 8 - July 2


This traveling exhibition highlight’s Cole’s already proven talents with texture and re-purposed objects. Among his materials are hundreds of pairs of those thrift store shoes too smudged for you to buy and all those plastic bottles you meant to recycle. Cole morphs heels, other downtrodden footwear, and recycled plastic to create a loveseat, a rainbow Rothko color field, and a massive chandelier.


Tim Eads, Glitch Mountain. Image by Abby King


Pentimenti Gallery

June 2 – July 15, 2017


A thoughtful group show, what a concept. Annoyances at thrown together exhibitions aside, Pentimenti’s Remember  When showcases many of Philly’s finest, with plenty of breathing room to take it in. As the press release notes, the exhibit is  “an affinity for acute craftsmanship while utilizing a wide range of materials in their making…” Among my favorites were Cecilia Biagini’s, painted wooden stacks in Ecuación de Continuidad and Tim Eads’ Glitch Mountain.


Press Release image of Black Boys Look Blue.

5. Black Boys Look Blue | Amol K. Patil | Curated By Sumesh Sharma

Twelve Gates Arts

Wed, Jun 28, 2017 -  Sat, Jul 22, 2017


Construction near Pentimenti had my head turning and our city’s ever continuing condo-process caused me to stumble across the small gem that is Twelve Gates Art. The title of their show, Black Boys Look Blue had me wondering where I had heard it before. It’s a reference to the play that inspired Oscar winner, Moonlight. Inside is a collection of photographs by Mumbai based artist, Amol K. Patil. They read as silhouetted self portraits, with simple compositions. But each of the 13 works  “holds references to Dalit (”untouchable” caste) social justice movements and also Black Liberation movements, which partly inspired the Dalit movement. “ A nice find.


Honorable Mentions:

6. Annson Conaway: Parked Out Front

319 N 11th St stoop

First Friday.

It takes balls to pull up in front of one of the most popular First Friday spots with  your artwork in a truck. Kudos for doing it and doing it with style. Look for a glimpse of Conaway in our Exposure series.